Michael Klimke

Equestrian pedigrees don’t come better than this; son of the legendary Dr Reiner Klimke, who to this day remains the most successful of all Olympic dressage riders with six gold and two bronze medals to his name, Michael is also brother to Ingrid Klimke, twice Olympic gold medallist with the German Eventing Team.

With numerous world cup achievements, and a short-listing for the Sydney Olympics of his own, Michael has never been far from top level competition. Following in his father’s footsteps, Michael runs his late father’s iconic stable yard in Munster from which so many champions have sprung, together with heading up the family law firm.

At the forefront of the international equestrian scene Michael will be making an exclusive appearance at The Dressage Convention 2015 to discuss his horses, their training and his thoughts on judging in the sport.

Having grown up with the Classical principles of training, Michael believes the role of the rider is to develop and encourage the horse, putting the horse’s welfare first. His methods focus upon dressage as a long-term, health sustaining system of teaching and he will be discussing the importance of the equitation principles he has inherited and holds dear to his heart.

In a recent interview, Michael spoke out against the current judging system deeming the difference in percentages awarded by different judges as unacceptable. With strong opinions about the FEI plans to shorten the Grand Prix test in order to popularise the sport, his appearance promises to be a lively debate.