There are definitely some of Carl‘s fans who think he was born in a manger in a distant land under a twinkling star – but he wasn’t, although he did ride a donkey for most of his early years. This was because he was brought up on the island of Sark where there are no cars. He soon progressed to driving tourists around the island in horse drawn carriages and if he was convicted for speeding or any other misdemeanour we will never know, because since his rise to stardom Sark has adopted him as their national hero and decorated with almost every honour possible.

Today Carl is one of the most successful and admired riders on the international circuit. He produces endless top grand prix horses who are renowned for being beautifully balanced and light. Way back when Carl rode his first donkey on Sark he vowed he would never tire his legs which explains why Carl‘s horses are always forward-going too. Dangling from the wall lights in Carl’s kitchen, alongside medals from past World and European Championships a glittering gold Olympic medal takes pride of place. In recognition of his outstanding service, in 2012 Carl was awarded the MBE.